Evercrete® Vetrofluid

Vetrofluid deep penetrating sealer

Deep penetrating sealer for concrete

Concrete protection has never been so fast and easy: it is enough to spray on the surface the deep penetrating sealer Evercrete Vetrofluid® to obtain a permanent reaction in the silicate cement matrix and make the concrete waterproof, anti-carbonation and antacid.

The strength of liquid glass

Evercrete Vetrofluid® is based on waterglass, modified by a proprietary formula catalyst. It is able to penetrate the concrete up to 40 millimetres and reacting with the cement contained in concrete to seal all the microporosity present in the matrix permanently and definitively.

Vetrofluid the liquid glass
Vetrofluid for bridge concrete protection

Long life to constructions

In addition to permanently waterproofing concrete structures, Evercrete Vetrofluid® protects constructions from the attack of deicing salts and frost-thaw cycles, protects the reinforcement steels from the action of carbonation, consolidates and Increases the abrasion resistance.

With more than 100 years of history, the Evercrete Vetrofluid® formula has countless success stories in Europe and around the world.

Vetrofluid properties

Deep penetrating sealer for concrete


Ideal for underground structures, concrete roofs, decks, tunnels. Waterproofs the cementitious matrix in depth.

frost resistant icon

Resistant to frost/thaw cycles

Protects exposed concrete in the most extreme conditions.

Negative side waterproofing icon

Waterproof in negative side pressure

If applied from the inner side resists up to 10 atmospheres of water pressure.

Chemical resistance

It gives the concrete an extraordinary resistance to the deicing salts, chlorides, sulphates and acid attacks.

Vetrofluid properties

Deep penetrating sealer for concrete
drinkable water icon

Contact with drinking water

Certificate for contact with drinking water, suitable for waterproofing of concrete tanks and surfaces for food use.

Eco-friendly and non-toxic

Vetrofluid is EPD and LEED certified, completely solvent-free and zero VOC.

spray application icon

Easy and safe application

Just a simple application of Vetrofluid, in two coats, to waterproof and protect the concrete.

Tested over time

Over a century of proven successes, endorsed by the major European institutes and CE certificate.