Everwood protection of external beams

Ecological and eco-logical

Everwood® is an environmentally friendly water based protective, suitable for indoor and outdoor, which penetrates deep into the wood fibers and mineralizes by binding permanently to the cellulose.

By reducing the absorption of water in a natural way, it delays the development of moulds, bacteria and rot by doubling the life cycle of the wood.

More life to the wood, less maintenance and less trees cut.

A matter of substance.

Composed of waterglass and water, modified by a special inorganic catalyst, does not contain any volatile substance (VOC), solvent or hydrocarbon derivative. Everwood® is a treatment that does not require maintenance over time, can be left on sight or used as a base for other impregnating agents, oils or varnishes to reduce the maintenance cycle (it lengthens the lifecycle of the successive paints until to 300%).

Application of Everwood
Everwood facade treatment

One for all

Everwood® is suitable for all types of wood, on new structures or in the restoration process, it has effective consolidating action and significantly increases fire resistance.
It is a transparent deep penetrating wood sealer that does not alter the natural texture of the wood.
Everwood® is a ready-to-use product easy to apply. It can be applied with a roller, brush or sprayed with a low-pressure pump (those used for gardening).

Everwood properties

Deep penetrating sealer for wood


Reduces water absorption up to 50%.

Fire resistant

It is incombustible, increases the fire resistance of the treated structures

Anti woodworm

By mineralizing the wood, makes it less palatable to the small guests.


Everwood is a mineral, permanent and definitive treatment.

Everwood properties

Total wood protection

Deep penetrating sealer

It does not leave any film on the surface.


Everwood it is colorless, odorless, non-toxic and respectful of the environment.

Can be painted over

Everwood promotes the adhesion of paints, dyes and varnishes extending their lifespan.

A shield for weathering

It protects the wood from freeze and thaw cycles and from rot.